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Wednesday 17 August 2022

NEET 2023: Preparation Roadmap to Crack Medical Entrance Exam in First Attempt

with the unification of all the premier medical entrance examinations under a single and centralized examination NEET-UG. the competition to crack the NEET-UG exam has increased manifold. Aspirants do not want to miss out on selections in NEET-UG as it is now the only medical entrance examination for admission to medical colleges in the country.

If the aspirant makes a planned and structured preparation for NEET-UG, they can endeavor to succeed in this coveted examination. Here is the roadmap to succeed in NEET-UG 2023, which can help aspirants hit the bull’s eye-


Syllabus: In-depth study of the syllabus of NEET-UG is a must for cracking NEET-UG 2023. Since the Class 12 Science NCERT-based board examination syllabus and NEET-UG syllabus are almost the same, students should focus on the NCERT syllabus as the first step towards their preparations.

Notes: The habit of making notes of the important chapters and topics helps in better preparation of NEET-UG. Notes are helpful during the time of revision as it consumes less time when compared to revisiting the entire course.


Mock Test: To have a fair idea about the difficulty level of the NEET-UG, it is always recommended to attempt multiple mock tests before the actual NEET-UG examination. The Mock tests give a feel of the actual exam, which can familiarize the aspirant with the examination and help them score better. Mock tests also remove the fear of the examination, and aspirants become confident with the process of examination.

Previous Years’ Question Papers: Trying different and multiple sets of questions is always helpful in a tough examination like NEET-UG. Students should study previous years’ question papers to get an idea of the NEET-UG examination and its difficulty level. Students should always make a question bank which can be attempted time-to-time for better practice of the questions and examination.


Time Management is the key to success in NEET-UG. Aspirants should make a timetable of their daily routine for optimum utilization of the available time. Students should make a timetable of the number of study hours, leisure activities, and daily routine activities. Time Management also disciplines a student and prepares them for professional courses like NEET-UG.


Weightage: Identify the important questions and chapters from previous years’ question papers to understand the weightage given to important chapters. Allocation of study hours as per the weightage given to important chapters is crucial to succeeding in NEET-UG.

Study material: The NCERT-based class 12th science board examination syllabus and NEET-UG syllabus are almost similar. However, in order to ace NEET-UG, students must work harder and refer to advanced study materials. Students may take the help of reference books or coaching institute study materials.


Doubt Resolution: Aspirants can crack NEET-UG only when their basic concepts and foundation of the syllabus are strong, so they should approach teachers in case of any doubt about the chapters, questions or any topic. Students should try to resolve their doubts as early as possible to get fundamentally sound on the subjects and chapters.

Practice: Try to practice as many diverse questions as possible for scoring high in the NEET-UG. Practicing questions will help students consolidate their foundations for NEET-UG and it will also boost their confidence.

Revision: Course revision is an important activity before the examination as it refreshes the already learned chapters and important topics in the memory. Revising the portions properly is a good habit that can pay dividends to the aspirants.

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